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Financing Your Business

Financing is not an easy thing to find and has never really been anyway, especially for small businesses or start-ups. But there are some ways to find funds if you really need them. One of the most interesting and newest for of financing for small and big projects is crowdsourding. Check it out!
Here are a few sources:
A common misconception that new and inexperienced entrepreneurs have is that people will be willing to invest large amounts of money in their new business without having a say in how it is managed, and without requesting much of a participation (i.e. % of the business you are giving away in exchange for the financing). If you need serious financing, be prepared to let go of an important percentage of your business! If you are not willing to do that, find a way to start without any financing. But always remember that a smaller percentage of something is better than a larger percentage of nothing!
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Please note that only some of the following networks have been tested. Exercise due diligence and prudence when dealing with financing institutions.

Family and friends


Lending Circles


List of Angel Networks
List of Angel Networks
Other potential sources of money

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